FAQ’s About DPF Cleaning and ECU Remaps in Surrey

At JL Engineering we are frequently asked questions about our engine remapping and DPF filter cleaning services in the Surrey area. We provide ECU remaps and DPF cleaning for fleet customers who are looking to improve the performance and the reliability of their vehicles. Please call us if you have any further questions about the services we provide.



What are ECU Remaps?

Your ECU is set up by the manufacturer in a way that they think that your engine will run in your country. What we do is reset the ECU through our state-of-the-art equipment, Our ECU remaps enable the vehicle to run smoother and more efficiently, saving you and your Surrey company substantial amounts on running costs.



Why is DPF Filter cleaning so important?

After a while, your Diesel Particulate Filter gets dirty and full of soot. This can hamper the vehicle’s performance. We have a DPF cleaning facility that can have your DPF cleaned and back with you while you wait. This will enhance the running of the engine and bring it back into line with its original output. Same-day DPF filter cleaning services are available for Surrey customers who have their filter with us by 10.30am.



The DPF on my truck is rather large. Do you have a size limit?

No. We are able use our DPF cleaning facility on any size of filter.



Do you cover engine remapping for buses?

Yes. We are engine remapping specialists for every type of fleet vehicles including buses, lorries and coaches as well as plant machinery. We have accounts with some of the biggest vehicle fleet operators in the Surrey area.



Do you also look after air conditioning as well?

Yes. We supply a dedicated service that looks after your air conditioning and also any electrical repairs that may need doing.



Do you have Webasto heating parts in stock?

Yes. In addition to providing ECU remaps and DPF filter cleaning, we are the largest supplier of Webasto heating parts in Surrey and the South East. We are also able to check if your vehicle heating is working properly.



Do you use your engine remapping services on cars?

Yes. We are able to provide ECU remaps on cars. We recently added an increase of 19 MPG for a Land Rover owner from Surrey with our engine remapping services.



Are you cheaper than a main dealer?

As an independent company, we are able to provide the same services you’d get from a dealership but with a substantial difference in cost.



If you have any more questions about DPF cleaning or engine remapping in Surrey, call us today on 020 8944 7056.