Avoid Fines with our DPF Cleaner Services in Surrey

JL Engineering is an established Surrey company which carries out a number of specialist services for the transport industry. As well as ECU remapping, our technicians are fully trained to carry out DPF replacement and DPF installation services. Customers in Surrey can also use our DPF cleaner machinery to improve DPF performance by up to 98%.


There are some transport firms and individual motorists in Surrey who prefer not to use DPF cleaner services. They’d much rather take risks in removing the DPF from their vehicles completely. This may seem tempting because a clogged DPF can result in an unexpected repair bill. As many of those that flaunt the law know, for the DPF to work efficiently on the Surrey roads, the vehicles have to be driven at constant speed to heat up the DPF to regenerate and burn off the soot. Stop/start driving in Surrey can cause the DPF to block.


The DPF is part of the MOT so if you have removed the DPF, it’s an instant fail. Driving without a DPF is illegal and can result in a large fine. A DPF installation has been fitted to most diesel vehicles for well over a decade now. It was brought in to cut down on harmful emissions that pollute the air not just in Surrey, but all over the world.



DPF Replacement Benefits


JL Engineering can help drivers and transport companies to avoid breaking the law and also save them money in the long run. DPF replacement usually happens every 75,000 miles so, by bringing your vehicle to our workshop in Raynes Park in Surrey, we can carry out high standard DPF installation at your convenience. By fitting a DPF replacement to your vehicle, you’ll see a massive rise in efficiency and you’ll receive many more miles to the litre.


Or, if you feel that there’s an excessive amount of soot on your DPF and the ECU light keeps appearing on your dashboard, we have a DPF cleaner that will remove all debris and particles. By using a DPF cleaner, we return your DPF to a highly workable product and you’ll see the benefits instantly. We can carry out the DPF installation at our Surrey depot or we can just carry out a deep clean on the DPF as a standalone service.


Avoid fines and pass MOT tests first time by using our DPF cleaner services. We are based in Raynes Park, Surrey. Call now on 0208 944 7056 to find out more.