DPF Filter Cleaning in London Explained

At JL Engineering Ltd, in addition to our engine remapping work, we provide high standard DPF cleaning services for commercial fleet operators in and around the London area. For a full upturn in performance, we can combine ECU remaps and DPF filter cleaning together. Have you ever wondered what a DPF is and what it actually does?


DPF is an abbreviation for Diesel Particulate Filter. A DPF is equipped to most modern vehicles to take out exhaust gas particles from diesel engines. This is to meet emission standards in the country of sale and across the world.


Driving causes the filter to fill and once it reaches a certain level of around 30% to 40%, the Engine Control Unit (ECU) will cause the engine to run a higher exhaust temperature. This, in turn, will turn the particles into soot. This is known as the DPF regeneration cycle.


We find that many fleet owners in the London area will use us for DPF cleaning at the same time we carry out engine remapping work on their vehicles.



The Regeneration of the Diesel Particulate Filter

The DPF will capture a minimum 90% of all harmful emissions. Once the DPF has filled up with soot, it requires a regeneration cycle in order to burn the soot out. During this process, the engine’s computer will decide that information received from the sensors indicates the DPF has become full to capacity.


The computer opens the EGR by introducing hot exhaust into the intake to help get gas temperatures higher. The DPF cleaning process injects a small shot of fuel into the cylinders when the exhaust valves are open.


The computer will eventually get a reading from the sensors in the exhaust that the filter flow is acceptable and ends the regeneration cycle.  The frequency of the DPF cleaning process is different from vehicle to vehicle depending on use, mileage and engine condition. We advise our London clients on the best options for their vehicles.


We look after the DPF filter cleaning needs of a large number of fleet operators in the London area. They entrust us with their commercial vehicles and use us for a full range of services including air conditioning work, electrical repairs and engine remapping.


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