ECU Remaps for Fleet Customers in London and Surrey

At JL Engineering Ltd, we specialise in engine remapping (or ECU remaps as they’re alternatively known). This process allows us to rewrite the software on your engine’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) to help you regain power, torque and enhanced fuel economy on any type of diesel engine. We serve fleet customers in the London and Surrey areas.


Commercial vehicles respond well to our ECU remaps. Most commercial vehicles will see a sizeable increase of 20% in fuel savings without increased stress to the engine. Our engine remapping decreases flat spots and turbo lag to heighten performance in the torque range, throttle maps and turbo pressure control.


An increasing number of fleet operators in London and Surrey are turning to JL Engineering Ltd because our ECU remaps deliver the best possible results.



ECU Remaps Explained

All vehicles of the modern era have an ECU. The unit contains a processor that relays information from various sensors throughout the engine. Using the information collated, from engine temperature to oxygen content, this enables the sensors to provide the right mix of fuel economy, performance and emission control when pulling away, overtaking or simply meandering along the London and Surrey roads.


When a new vehicle is developed, the manufacturer takes into consideration what conditions the vehicle will face in the area or country it will be mainly sold in. Instead of just optimising the ECU’s program or map, there are compromises made to take into account the different operating and driving conditions in the country of sale.


ECU remaps, or engine remapping, takes a read from the ECU’s processing chip and adjusts the various parameters. Fuel pressure and boost pressure for turbo engines should respond positively. Changes in the ignition and throttle pedal control produces a sharp upturn in performance that helps reveal the optimal energy of an engine.


Customers in London and Surrey will notice that the power delivery is more linear after using our engine remapping services. ECU remaps are a safe process which give the engine true performance, eliminating the compromises applied to the original program.



The Benefits of Engine Remapping for London and Surrey Clients


  • Improved Engine Power
  • Sharper Throttle
  • Economic Performance
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption



JL Engineering Ltd are engine remapping experts for London and Surrey. Call us today on 020 8944 7056 to discuss engine remaps.