DPF Filter Cleaning in the Surrey and London Areas

At JL Engineering Ltd, we specialise in DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters) cleaning for customers in London and Surrey’s transport industry. We are able to carry out DPF cleaning services for buses, trucks, construction plant machinery, trains, off-road vehicles and generators. A same-day service is available on request, as is our dedicated while-you-wait service.


We are able to use our DPF filter cleaning process on any size of filter, however big or small they may be. Our filters are professionally cleaned and regenerated. Each cleaned or regenerated filter is tracked year after year.


Upon receipt of your DPF, we log the serial number and visually check for any cracks and damage, as well as checking the baseline data for the filter. We then put the filter through our DPF cleaning process, providing our London and Surrey clients with a full, deep clean.


Phase 1 – Removal of soot and ash through our pneumatic process.

Phase 2 – A thermal process which is for a DPF that has a heavy amount of soot. The DPF filter cleaning process enables the filter to be re-tested and compared to baseline data. Phase 2 is usually required in the event of engine or turbo failure.


Unlike other methods used in the industry for regeneration, the DPF filter cleaning process we use cleans and dries in one cycle. This makes the process much easier and better value for our clients in London and Surrey. We can offer a same-day turnaround for filters that are received before 10.30am.


If you book in advance, we are able to deliver a 2-hour while-you-wait DPF cleaning service. We also stock new DPF filters should you require them.


The Benefits of DPF Cleaning

  • Improved Performance
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Extended Filter Life
  • Cuts Maintenance Costs
  • More Miles Between Regeneration


We use our DPF cleaning methods on all manufacturer models including Volvo, Mercedes, MAN, Scania, Ford, Vauxhall, DAF, Detroit Diesel, VW, Audi and many others. Our DPF filter cleaning has been proven time and time again to work on every type of commercial vehicle.



Call us today on 020 8944 7056 to discuss DPF cleaning for your London or Surrey