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DPF Filter Cleaning Specialists Covering London and Surrey

Hello, and welcome to the website of JL Engineering Ltd. We are based in Raynes Park, South West London, and provide a comprehensive range of DPF cleaning and engine remapping services for bus, coach, lorry and truck fleet operators in London and Surrey.


Our understanding of our clients means that we can offer flexible solutions that tune your fleet performance. Through our DPF filter cleaning and ECU remap programmes, we can add power and driveability whilst dramatically reducing overall running costs.


Our DPF cleaning process sees filters cleaned to the original specification set by the manufacturer. We use the latest PURIclean technology to removes all traces of debris from your vehicle exhaust. Our company has a large number of satisfied customers in London and Surrey who use us for all of their DPF filter cleaning and engine remapping work.



Advanced DPF Cleaning Technology


JL Engineering Ltd use the only machinery in the global marketplace to cover all filter, cooler and radiator types. Our commitment to providing DPF filter cleaning services that surpass our competitors is reflected in the investment we’ve made into this advanced technology which, in turn, provides numerous benefits for our London and Surrey customers.


Our flash cleaner machine uses a water-based DPF cleaning system that restores efficiency by as much as 98% and removes all oil deposits. Our clients also benefit from the following features whenever they use our machinery:


• Low-Cost Processing

• Simple Operation

• Fast and Verifiable Results

• Eco-Friendly Performance

• All Filers and Catalysts Cleaned

• Original Efficiency Restored


When it comes to DPF filter cleaning, we can produce verifiable results within two hours. If your fleet operates in London or Surrey and you would like to find out more about our DPF cleaning machine, call us today for further help and advice.



ECO Remaps for Improved Fuel Economy


Commercial vehicles respond well to our engine remapping services and on average, our customers make a typical fuel saving of 20% with little or no strain on the engine. Our ECU remaps improve turbo pressure control and make your vehicle more economical to run.


We are able to service the fleets of coach, bus and commercial vehicle operators in London, Surrey and many other parts of the South East. JL Engineering Ltd is a forward-thinking company that provides ECU remaps at very competitive prices.


For more information on how to get the most out of your fleet engines and advice on how to reduce your everyday running costs, call us now and see how our engine remapping and DPF filter cleaning can benefit your business today.


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